At Asserta Health, we believe You Can't Fix Healthcare Without Fixing Healthcare Payment.

We provide Direct “Cash" Payment Solutions for self-funded employers and health plans. Our medEcash℠ Payment Platform, personalized concierge services, and custom-designed shared savings incentives work together to deliver significant savings and improve the healthcare payment experience for employers, plan members and providers. We make it possible for Plan members to pay the full bill at the time of service, even when all or a portion of the funds comes directly from the employer or health plan.

It's A Better Way To Pay For Healthcare.


Our medEcashsm payment platform enables safe, secure, and controlled "cash" payments using ACH transactions and HIPAA-compliant data management and reporting.

medEcashsm uses a mobile app and web-enabled interface to administer "cash" payments in real time. This works with or without direct consumer involvement.

A simple, one-time setup process is required to create a medEcashsm account; most users can complete the setup in less than five minutes.

A detailed administrative record of care is generated for each service so that no important data is lost. All parties, including healthcare providers, benefit from a simplified, transparent payment without the cost, complexity, and re-work involved in typical claims, billing, bad debt and collections processes.

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Concierge Service

Our personalized concierge service is tailored to the specific requirements of each Plan. We easily integrate with existing customer service functions to educate and guide Plan members step-by-step through the entire decision-making, care, and payment process.

We use customized shared savings incentives that work with any benefit plan design to get, and keep, customers engaged across the entire spectrum of healthcare spend.

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